Farmhouse Culture Gets $6.5 Million Investment

Farmhouse Culture raised $6.5m in Series D funding. The round was led by 301 INC (the business development and venturing unit at General Mills) with participation from White Road Investments and Renewal Funds.

Farmhouse Culture makes amazingly tasty, probiotic-rich foods and beverages. Their beginnings date back to 2005, when their founder Kathryn Lukas began exploring and developing unique hybrid kraut and kimchi recipes. Inspired by her time as a chef in Germany and her studies of traditional foods, her primary interest was in the incredibly interesting new flavor profiles possible with fermentation. But she soon noticed that her creations were having a profound impact on her health. Curiosity peaked, Kathryn began to investigate and discovered that when fermented foods like krauts and kimchis are eaten raw, they retain probiotic, gut-supportive qualities revered by traditional cultures around the world.

While living and writing in a cabin near Yosemite she began hatching her plan for a fermented food and beverage company and in early 2008 Farmhouse Culture was born. Selling her krauts and kimchis first through a friend’s CSA and then at a local farmers’ market, her business quickly grew. During Labor Day weekend that same year Kathryn debuted her Smoked Jalapeno Kraut in San Francisco at Slow Food Nation and it was there, after handing out thousands of samples, that she glimpsed the future and knew that krauts and kimchis would be just the beginning of a fermented foods revival.

More determined than ever, Kathryn moved home to Santa Cruz, California in early 2009 and into her first production facility. With the help and dedication of a very talented team and an incredibly enthusiastic group of customers, the business blossomed.

Fueled by a growing demand for gut healthy foods, we have since expanded our offerings far beyond Krauts and Gut Shots. Now a leader in probiotic foods and beverages, Farmhouse Culture continues to reimagine the foods we eat and fufill Kathryn’s original dream of improving peoples lives with irresisistably delicious probitiotic foods and beverage that nourish and delight.

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