Impossible Foods Gets $114M

Impossible Foods raised approximately $214 million in the past 18 months for a total venture funding of about $396 million since the company’s founding, according to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The company’s newest investors include Temasek and Sailing Capital. Temasek is an investment company headquartered in Singapore with a portfolio covering a broad spectrum of sectors including telecommunications, media and technology, financial services, transportation, consumer products, life sciences, energy, agriculture and biotech. Sailing Capital is a Shanghai- and Hong Kong-based global private equity firm that invests in market-leading companies across a range of sectors including healthcare, technology and consumer goods.


Food is essential for life, yet a virtually unexplored scientific frontier. Impossible Foods lives at the edge of this frontier, investigating the molecular basis of food flavors and textures, learning how the foods we choose affect our planet and our bodies. They are discovering healthy, sustainable new ingredients from nature. Their brilliant team of curious, creative and collaborative scientists take a fresh look at food and invent new ways to make the meat we crave — directly from plants.

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