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Mediterranean Preserve Fine Sea Salt (26.5 oz)

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    There are different types of salt depending on the region, the exploitation methods used and the natural resources available. La Baleine chooses sea salt as it is produced from a natural crystallization process caused by the action of the sun, the wind and the sea.

    Their fine sea salt is used in cooking and on the table for seasoning salads and meat. Fine sea salt is produced by natural crystallisation and is ground to obtain fine, naturally white, unrefined crystals.


    Fun Facts! There are two types of sea salt, white salt and grey salt:

    Grey sea salt: A naturally grey sea salt, packed with minerals such as potassium and magnesium, is obtained through a combination of the know-how of the Guérande salt workers and the fact that it is harvested from ponds made up of clay bottoms.

    White sea salt: The know-how of our salt workers and the fact that it is harvested from the sandy bottoms of the ponds means that La Baleine sea salts are naturally white ( unlike the products whose origin is from Guérande )

    There is also “land” salt which come in two forms;  deposits which  are extracted from a mine and then ground at the factory,  or by dissolving it in brine (water saturated with salt) which is then turned into fine salt in a mechanical evaporator. Coarse salt is obtained by compaction. This salt is known as refined or industrial salt (igneous salt).

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