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Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans (Light Roast)

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    Okay another special treat in coffee land. This coffee comes to us from Mwika, a town in northern Tanzania that is so scenic, the locals refer to it as the "gateway" to Mt. Kilimanjaro.

    This coffee in particular is a really interesting, double-washed, fermented coffee from an independent AMCOS cooperative, formed in 2012 after breaking away from the KNCU cooperative. With renewed organization, strong leadership and partnerships, this high altitude cooperative has produced a sweeter, juicier cup with more controlled drying. In turn, these changes have introduced a whole new standard on what excellent coffee can taste like in Tanzania.

    The coffee cherries were sorted, pulped, washed, and wet fermented for 48 hours, then washed again and soaked for 18 hours before being dried on raised beds. The double washed and fermented process is very unique, offering a complex acidic funkiness, and less fruity than you'd expect. 

    This is a unique treat, and we're excited to share this special mountain coffee with you, all the way from the beautiful Mt. Kilimanjaro. Picture the view while you sip.

    Tastes Like

    "warm sourdough with smooth butter"

    Coffee Geek Info

    Region: Kilimanjaro
    Altitude: 5,500 ft
    Varietal: Bourbon, Jackson Bourbon
    Process: double washed & fermented

    More Cupping Notes from the Roos Crew:

    buttermilk biscuit, yogurt and granola, earthy, toasted cashew grilled cheese, coriander, rye sourdough, light body, complex and funky acidity

    John Roos Caffeine Buzz Scale:

    Even the most timid person will be beeping their horn at a red light if the person in front of them doesn’t step on it as soon as it turns green, so pay attention RoosRoast drinkers.

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